Nino Corvato was born in Italy and attended the “Sarto Tecnica” in Milan from which he successfully graduated in 1958 at the tender age of 18. He continued his education when he immigrated to the United States in 1960 and attended the “Mayor School of Design”.

While Nino was in design school he spent all of his free time working as a tailor with Brooks Brothers. When he graduated he went to work with Elizabeth Arden as a designer until 1965. He then rejoined Brooks Brothers and worked his way up to assistant manager in 1980. After Brooks Brothers he joined Catania Clothing until 1987 as a designer and general manager; at the same time collaborating with high-profile designers including Ralph Lauren, Donna Karen and Perry Ellis.

Corvato came to the decision he could no longer accept making clothing without having his own name on the label. It was time for Nino Corvato to step out on his own. In 1987, Nino Corvato Designs was established specializing in designing custom clothing; servicing anyone from the everyday business man to many popular actors and singers.

In 420 Madison Ave suite 406 the home of Nino Corvato Designs clothes are born not just bought. Day in and day out you could find Mr. Corvato inside hard at work, his dedication proven in each garment that leaves his shop.


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